The Savannah Oatmeal Company is a start-up food and beverage company located in Savannah, Georgia, which produces and retails flavored ready-to-eat oatmeal. 

It was birthed, when on the search for a digestible high fiber breakfast meal, its founder Gabe Thomas discovered steel-cut oatmeal. After enjoying the health benefits of steel-cut oatmeal for a while, Gabe came up with the ingenious idea of adding other natural ingredients to improve both its nutritional value and flavor. He was able to come up with unique flavors and inventive recipes to make them.

The main focus of this company is to promote healthy lifestyles, by creating a natural and tasty first meal for the average American citizen, who lives a fast-paced life, and doesn’t have the time to prepare a natural and nutritious breakfast.

Mission Statement

The Savannah Oatmeal Company is at the forefront of producing healthy and tasty breakfast meals for the average person who lives a fast-paced life, and doesn’t have the time to prepare a natural and nutritious breakfast.

Vision Statement

It is the dream of this company to see every american live a more active and healthy lifestyle, and we believe that eating a healthy breakfast is one of the main activities that will lead to achieving this goal.



High quality standard is what The Savannah Oatmeal Company is all about. We believe that everything from the product, the packaging and its services should be of the best quality, and should be made and delivered in the best way possible.

Health Consciousness:

A constant awareness of physical and mental wellbeing, and how to improve it, is a driving force in this company.

Social Inclusion:

The Savannah Oatmeal believes in being an active member of the society. We currently take part in marathon and cycling races in the Savannah locale through sponsorship, and we intend to do more.

Strategic Partnership:

We are convinced that it is only through teamwork, that the vision of helping the average american adopt a healthier lifestyle is possible. As a result, we are quick to collaborate with other companies who share our vision.