our founder

gabe thomas


Gabe Thomas is the founder, visionary and chief executive officer of Savannah Oatmeal Company. Originally from Rains, South Carolina, Gabe has lived all over the United States.  His travels have fueled his love for the outdoors and active lifestyle.

Gabe started eating oatmeal in 2008 for health reasons mainly surrounding digestion. Oatmeal is high in soluble fiber content, and easily digestible, making it extremely beneficial for those with digestive complaints. After realizing how much creativity and nutritional value could be infused into a food that many regarded as "boring" and "bland", Gabe developed a fully cooked steel cut oat product that could be refrigerated and re-heated whenever needed.

In 2013, Gabe founded Savannah Oatmeal Company, working in his kitchen at home to perfect the recipes. Once the oatmeal recipes were finalized, Gabe rented a commercial kitchen in order to make the oatmeal in larger batches.

At the end of 2017 Savannah Oatmeal Company started a wholesale line, selling to retailers in large quantities to be resold in single servings.

Our company is built on the core values of quality, health-consciousness, social inclusion and strategic partnership.  Our brand is aptly named, as it is located in the thriving southern city that Gabe now calls home: Savannah, Georgia.  Gabe's journey from mixing up bowls of oatmeal in his kitchen to operating a successful and quickly growing business have consistently been inspired by the following Bible verse: "For the kingdom of God is not just a matter of talk, but of power” (1 Corinthians 4:20).  This verse has been a call to action for Gabe to continue making people’s lives better, one oatmeal serving at a time.