gabe thomas


Gabe Thomas is the founder, visionary and chief executive officer of The Savannah Oatmeal Company. Originally from Rains, South Carolina, Gabe has lived all over the United States.  His travels have fueled his love for the outdoors and active life style.

At the age of nineteen, Gabe's passion for activity and wholeness blossomed into a dedication to nutrition and fitness.  He considered making it a career path, but instead decided to study international business at Auburn University and received his MBA from Kennesaw State University.  However, throughout his schooling, Gabe continued to maintain his passion for healthy living, through outdoor activities and healthy eating.

Food became an important part of his health regimen, as he had to contend with digestive problems, a problem faced by many Americans today. It was during this time that Gabe discovered oatmeal.  Oatmeal is high in soluble fiber content, and easily digestible, making it extremely beneficial for those with digestive complaints.    This "wonder" food became a regular part of his diet, and he was amazed at the results!  He quickly realized how much creativity and nutritional value could be infused into a food that many regarded as "boring" and "bland."

While whipping up his daily oatmeal, he started experimenting with different ingredients and flavors.  After enjoying his new creations alone for several weeks, he decided to share the love, and took a pot of oatmeal to his bible study.  It was a hit, and Gabe had an empty oatmeal pot to prove it! 

But it was not until a summer afternoon in 2009, while sitting on his back porch in silent prayer, that he got the inspiration to turn his newfound love for this simple food into The Savannah Oatmeal Company.  The company is built on the core values of quality, health-consciousness, social inclusion and strategic partnership.  The company is aptly named, as it is located in the thriving southern city that Gabe now calls home, Savannah, Georgia.  Gabe's journey from mixing up bowls of oatmeal in his kitchen to operating a successful and quickly growing business have consistently been inspired by the following Bible verse: "For the kingdom of God is not just a matter of talk, but of power” (1 Corinthians 4:20).  This verse has been a call to action for Gabe to continue making people’s lives better, one oatmeal serving at a time.

ansley defnall thomas

Ansley works full time at Georgia Regional Hospital as a Program Director, but she helps out however needed in her free time at The Savannah Oatmeal Company. Typically, she can be found giving out oatmeal samples at promotional events or behind the scenes jarring oatmeal. 

She has a passion for helping others improve their quality of life…whether be it in the mental health field, or their physical health by eating oatmeal.  She is a huge animal lover and has two hound dogs: Molly and Linus that she absolutely adores.


Shaylen tilley

He is a cook at The Savannah Oatmeal Company, and is very passionate about the growth of the company. He loves to watch sports and listen to music.


scott helmreich

Scott is the chief operating officer of The Savannah Oatmeal Company. He does an array of things, from operations management to sales and public relations. He is passionate about eating healthy and staying active. He bikes, swims, skis, and plays tennis among other things.